Death, taxes and Big Music

PirateYou can be certain of three things:  death, taxes and the corporate music industry, to paraphrase Christopher Bullock,

RIAA clone the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (Rianz) scored a win at the tribunal this week, with a Telecom customer who pirated music being ordered to pay it $616.57,”

The trouble is,  Big Music spent $250k, “chasing alleged music pirates but so far has hauled only 12 people to the Copyright Tribunal.,” says the New Zealand Herald.

Since the object of the exercise  is always to  create an atmosphere of terror  rather than  deal with perceived piracy, it was money well spent.

In the US, Bg Music’s RIAA  (Recording Industry Association of America) regularly and routinely blows millions of dollars  on pursuing its own customers, calling them  criminals and thieves.

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