Cease and desist, major general Michael Linnington

When  US Army private Bradley Manning  blew the whistle  to Wiki leaks,  he inadvertently opened the door   a huge can of worms — the  “radical application and interpretation of the ‘aiding the enemy’ charge meaning — the US can bring the threat of execution or life imprisonment to any soldier who chooses to make public information on US war crimes and corruption,  says Fire Dog Lake, going on »»»

This is not an effort by our government to protect state secrets from our enemies but part of a larger campaign to protect the truth about US actions from the public by any means necessary. The war on whistleblowers brands as criminals those brave enough to speak out when they see our government doing something that runs against American mores and values as Bradley did, and it must stop now.

Our goal in creating “Aiding the Enemy” was to let members of the press and public like Alyona Mikovski (RT America) and Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian) simply explain what the charge could mean for future generations of Americans, in their own words.

LinningtonBecause, of all the charges facing Bradley Manning, ‘aiding the enemy’ has the potential to result in the worst consequences for America.And leveling  the charges  floor, and on behalf, of the Obama administration is one major general Michael Linnington.

If you want to do your help, if you want to do your bit, to stop Linnington before he does any more damage,  sign the petition.

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