#OP MONKEYWRENCH — Anonymous: are they serious?

DornerAccording to the New York Daily News »»» 

The most wanted fugitive in America was formally charged Monday with murdering a Riverside, Calif. cop in a drive-by ambush that could earn him the death penalty, authorities said.

And surveillance video surfaced of crazed Christopher Dorner shopping for scuba equipment two days prior to setting out on the warpath, it was reported.

The 33-year-old revenge-driven ex-cop was still at large as of early Tuesday, despite a dragnet from one end of California to the other, and heightened traffic at crossings along the border with Mexico.

With the entire West Coast on high alert, the father whose son’s alleged mistreatment at the hands of police was a source of Dorner’s vendetta urged the ex-LAPD officer to end the madness.

Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto [UPDATE] by Andy Campbell


Said a post on Anon News yesterday »»»

Greetings citizens of the United States of America. We are Anonymous. We are here to inform you and ask for your help in preventing bloodshed due to departmentalized operations being carried out by the Members and Agencies of the Executive Branch of U.S. Federal Government.

There are many theories circulating the Social Media and the Anon Media, regarding the latest incident involving a character by the name of Chris Dorner who is believed to have killed one police officer and injured two others, in addition to killing two civilians, on a spree that he threatened would have a “high action of violence” in an angry missive posted to his Facebook. The Manifesto and Youtube video appear somebody has tried their best to make this character real to the rest of American citizens, and they learned from the Sandy Hook operation that American citizens are no longer easily fooled.  [1] [2] [3] [4]

Many in the Anon circle suspect this to be no more than a departmentalized training operation deployed by the Members and Agencies of the Executive Branch of U.S. Federal Government to show preparedness for a possible military coup d’état. We’ve noticed the U.S. Military has increased their training exercise operations presence as well in locations, and times, normally not used.[5] 

These exercises remind us of those conducted, and carried out during the day of 911 [6], as well as those conducted and carried out during alleged Sandy Hook School shooting.[7] [8] Both of these incidents have been exposed to be departmentalized training operations.[9] The operations during 911 were however,  taken advantage of and used to kill American citizens in real time, while all the members, of all the separate operations thought real time incidents were still only training exercises. Sandy Hook School shooting was exposed as fake and was used by Members and Agencies of the Executive Branch of U.S. Federal Government to further their tyrannical agenda against American citizens and use the departmentalized operation carried out that day, to suspend your Second Amendment U.S. Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Furthermore, on January 25, 2013 the Anonymous hacktivist collective launched Operation Last Resort, and took down of the site belonging to the U.S. Department of Justice and obtained enough fissile material for multiple information warheads.[10] On February 4, 2013, Anonymous launched Operation Reclamation.[11] [12] [13]

“On this day of THE RECLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE, the citizens of the United States of America do hereby serve you an eight-day notice from February 4, 2013 to remove yourselves from office. On the ninth day, the citizens will exercise our Ninth Amendment right which allows us to remove you from office under the Declaration of Independence of 1776.[14] [15] [16] [17] On the ninth day, Anonymous may deploy Warhead–U S–DOJ–LEA–2013.AEE256.[18]

Additionally, on the ninth day, WE will call upon those who voted against the NDAA to call upon the Senate Sergeant at Arms who is authorized to arrest and detain ALL persons violating Senate rules,[19] including the oath of office, and to arrest ALL who are guilty of TREASON and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT INSURRECTION against the Republic and the sovereigns of the United States of America under Article 3 Section 3 of the United States Constitution.[20]

If the Sergeant at Arms fails to perform his duties WE will call upon the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [21] to convene a covert meeting to get a vote of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Provost Marshall General of the Army and/or Marines included in attendance as well,[22] [23] and demand the military to forcibly remove ALL those guilty of TREASON and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT INSURRECTION against the Republic and the sovereigns of the United States of the America.

On the following day, February 5, 2013, the White House responded at 10:02 AM EST with,  “Working to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence in the United States”. This is intended to silence Anonymous from exposing truths and preventing Anon from conducting operations.

Lastly, if this these departmentalized training exercise operations deployed by the Members and Agencies of the Executive Branch of U.S. Federal Government do not terminate immediately, we are one hundred percent proof positive, the next time the Members and Agencies of the Executive Branch conduct such sinister operations there will be bloodshed, as those members involved will not realize the training operation taking place is in real time, nor will the U.S. Military notice this until innocent civilian American citizens are slaughtered in the streets and businesses of their communities.

ALL U.S. Military, active and inactive, need to be aware of this, as well as state, county and local law enforcement.

Sometimes truth is harder to believe than fiction.

And be sure to use watch the referenced videos!

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