Kate Middleton’s cousin in Playboy magazine

Oh God,  No! It seems Kate Middleton, now the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, and the […]

Good one, Tom Watson : )

On his blog,  UK member of Parliament  Tom Watson  has a segment  entitled, simply, Teens […]

What the hell is ‘Scripps Local News’? (And why should we care?)

“NASA’s livestream coverage of the Curiosity rover’s landing on Mars was practically as flawless as […]

Apple and Foxconn: at it again?

Or maybe they’ve never stopped. Workers building Apple iPods, mostly young women from rural areas […]

Google’s Olympic watermelon logo

I’m surprised.  I expected to find  all kinds of negative reports on  Google’s  August  7 […]

Mexico’s other Coke wars

“Wasn’t it you who wrote a few times about coke-a-cola depleting underground water reservoirs that […]

McDonald’s coffee? Or Tim Horton’s

Canadians love their Tim Horton’s coffee, and that used to apply to me as well.  […]

Get yer Sig Sauer — on Amazon!

Seth Horvitz over in Washington DC ordered a high definition television on Amazon. But when […]

Corruption in low places

This anonymously funded movie satirizing the corruption of the copyright system in the USA has […]

ISPs — you can’t trust’em (part II)

Harking back to  yesterday’s post,  ISPs — you can’t trust ’em comes  a CNN item  […]