Social Media Surveillance in Canada

After disappearing for an extended period of time – to the point that the Globe […]

ISPs — you can’t trust ’em isn’t meant to replace freedom of speech advocacy site, which I founded 10 […]

Dear Twitter followers of p2pnet and

… I had to stop publishing after two heart attacks, a devastating stroke and a […]

It’s still Gary McKinnon, versus the Obama administration

“We’re asking Obama to join us and to stand up for truth and Justice and […]

US boosts security clearance access

The number of people with hsecurity clearances for access to classified information increased last year […]

Google’s tasteless Olympic hurdler logo

Does anyone else find Google’s animated logo game tasteless and racist? It’s America’s most pernicious […]

Of Brain Salad Surgery

Brain Salad,Surgery, by Britain’s Emerson, Lake and Palmer, is one of my favourite albums. It’s […]

French company hijacks, registers, sacred Anonymous logo!

Certain members of the anonymous collective are pissed – really pissed. French online retailer Early […]

Did you enjoy the ride?

The day before yesterday,  my wife and I were forced to file for bankruptcy,  and […]

Attawapiskat Canada’s shame, Part VI: bureaucrats at fault, says court

Attawapiskat Canada’s shame, Part IV “This is old news, but it serves to underline the […]