Where’s Ed Snowden?

The ‘where’s  Ed Snowden ?’ debacle is turning into, a well,  debacle as he plays […]

Berlusconi gets seven years — but not to worry …

Ex-Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi  has been sentenced to seven years in prison after being […]

Steubenville High School football thugs back in the news

So the Steubenville High School  football  thugs  are back in the  news?  But this time  […]

Serena Williams of the Big Mouth

Tennis  multiple Grand slam champion Serena Williams  is in trouble. Williams,  who’ll be at Wimbledon, […]

Ed Snowden charged with espionage

US federal prosecutors have charged Edward Snowden  with espionage. The ex-CI contractor, hailed by many […]

Of autocracy, partisanship and corruption

Andrew Coyne has a PostMediaNews OpEd  discussing  the current  Steve Harper balls-ups.  He writes »»» […]

Delete UK data grabbed during Sneak View scoops, Google ordered

For years  Google has been getting away with using  images  and data  surreptitiously  scarfed up  […]

Google bans porn — on glass ;)

 A company offering the first pornographic app for Google Glass has found to Google policies […]

Obesity, defined

Obesity  is a  “multimetabolic and hormonal disease.” At least, that’s what  the The American Medical […]

Harper? Off with his head!

“All parties agreed late Tuesday night to end the most bitter spring sitting of Parliament […]