The Diaspora project

One of the first things my 15-year-old daughter and many (most?) of her friends do […]


Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada states the Canadian heart and […]

Real Tennis

I used to own, and run, the Canadian freedom of speech advocacy site Before […]

Scroogle – RIP [2]

Not-for-profit Scroogle,  the privacy-friendly  Google search scraper, has fallen victim — to Google. Again: ( […]

France to probe new Google move

Gargle is at it again — or  should we say it’s still at it. It,  […]

Visions of things to be

”Through early morning fog I see ”visions of the things to be ”the pains that […]

Jon Newton’s new blog

Hi, p2pnet readers, and anyone else who may happen along: I’ve had several emails asking […]

My year of not sharing

I’m assuming many of you missed the marvelous piece of bumf crafted by Sheryl Sandberg, […]