Oil polution in schools

Earlier, I did a post slugged Too Bad to be true which outlines a few […]

Too bad to be true?

When obvious VCIs (Vested Corporate Interests) use kids as marketing tools,  dressing up their tawdry […]

Mars, anyone?

  You know the upcoming Mars Mission  and how ordinary people can potentially make a […]

Jon Newton: ‘I’m nothing to do with p2pnet! (not any more …)’

I’ve been around the Net for a long time — long enough to realise it’s […]

Steve Harper — yuks it up over Weed (sorry: marijuana)

Steve Harper’s been yukking it up over marijuana in Kelowna. Not marijuana growing in Kelowna. […]

Of cannabis and me

I used to be one of those people who believed cannabis, which for centuries has […]

Death by cannabis –– did a young UK mother die from an overdose of weed?

It’s finally happened. The 31-year-old British owner of a lingerie company in England has reportedly  […]

Going potty

I’m a self-acknowledged alcoholic with a tendency to overindulge anything and everything, including cannabis. That’s […]

Canada #18 in RWB 2014 press freedom index: US plummets 13 places

Last year Finland scored the highest  in the 2013 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. […]

If I was a rich man …

If I was a capitalist with lots of capital to venture, I’d start  Canabis Industries […]