Dear Twitter followers of p2pnet and

… I had to stop publishing after two heart attacks, a devastating stroke and a second open-heart operation to fix the first, sundry other associated problems and a quadruple coronary bypass. While I was in the ICU an infection mysteriously developed in my sternum, necessitating a second open heart procedure.

No one knows quite how or from where it originated, but it could’ve killed me just as dead as the heart attacks. Because hospitals, including the Royal Jubilee in Victoria, BC, where I had both procedures, are extremely dangerous places and I’d somehow picked up an infection in the incision in my sternum.

Meanwhile, despite the fact I haven’t written or updated anything on p2pnet for months, (although the new owner posted a couple items, only one of which had, or has any relationship or relevance to the kind of content I carefully built up over the years), I’m still getting all kinds of new p2pnet Twitter followers, as well as a grand total of 12 myblogdammit followers, butI’d be glad to have a few more, which is one of the reasons why I’m posting this 🙂

Anyway, part of my recovery from the stroke, which occurred on the operating table while I was undergoing the bypass, now includes posting to my new site – (this one) as well as exercising and re-training my brain by regularly watching TED presentations, which are always mind stretching, whatever the subject matter.

So cheers, and thanks to everyone past, present and future for caring and sharing … and stay tuned 🙂

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