Google –– barging in


Because of the as yet unresolved technical issues, I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, the glaring, (and continuing) George W Harper/ Duffy/Wallin//Wright senate scandals notwithstanding.

However, I’ve been watching the burgeoning San Francisco Bay Google/ barges scandal to-be with great interest.

Google is arguably the world’s largest advertising agency, disguised as a ‘service.’ It, does what it wants, where it wants and when it wants, completely ignoring local and national considerations and/or concerns and/or/demands.

Its data-scarfing Google snoop-mobiles and sneak view Street view projects are just two examples.

Now a pair of floating buildings, one off Portland, Maine and the other smack in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, have appeared out of the blue, and without apparently the knowledge or permission of local authorities.

“Google is erecting a four-story structure in the heart of the San Francisco Bay but is managing to conceal its purpose by constructing it on docked barges instead of on land, where city building permits and public plans are mandatory,” says CTV News.

The San Francisco Bay abarge  “will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck for the tech giant to market Google Glass and other gadgets to invitation-only clients, multiple sources told CBS station KPIX.

Says KPIX  5: “The project, which has been in the planning stages for more than a year, was created at Google[x], the secret facility that Google reportedly runs near its corporate headquarters in Mountain View. It is personally directed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and is Google’s attempt to upstage rival Apple and its chain of popular retail stores, sources said.”

But as with other Google invasion projects, you can be sure things won’t end there.

“The building is constructed of interchangeable 40-foot shipping containers that can be assembled and disassembled at will, allowing it to be placed on barges, trucks or rail cars and taken anywhere in the world, the source said. Google could send it to a ski resort one day and then have it shipped to the beach a few days later.”

Can you picture  a brightly glowing  Google  advertising sign  floating  prominently on top of the barge?

Stay tuned 😉