Stroz Friedberg parasites

What a surprise.

The RIAA “Apparently Forgot To Tell Six Strikes Coordinators That The ‘Independent’ Firm It Hired Used To Lobby For The RIAA,” says Techdirt.

Under discussion is Stroz Friedberg, a “global digital risk management and investigations firm, as it describes itself.

Actually, it’s yet another parasitical outfit of the same ilk  as all the others which’ve been spawned by the efforts of Hollywood  and big music  to screw blue and tattoo their own customers whom they call criminals and thieves.

Now, “TorrentFreak broke an unsurprising, but amazing, story this week in uncovering that Stroz Friedberg, the supposedly ‘independent and impartial tech expert’ that was brought on to assist the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) in making sure that the new ‘six strikes” program BitTorrent monitoring is accurate, used to lobby for the RIAA,” ays the Techdirt,.

“Apparently this bit of news took folks at CCI completely by surprise, since the RIAA failed to mention that tidbit of info”,  says the post, adding

“ […]  The CCI is apparently scrambling to make things right — either by finding someone new, or by ‘opening up’ the review that Stroz Friedberg does for the public to review.

“Either way, it’s pretty incredible that the RIAA thought that no one would notice that the ‘mpartial and independent’ expert just happened to be a biased party that lobbied directly for them in the past.”

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