Swedish government sites reel under Anonymous attack

Sweden, once famous for her relaxed and liberal  political climate, has long been in the thrall of the entertainment cartels.

Now, “Websites around the country went offline …  including the Courts Administration, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Institute, said The Local.

Anna Dahlén, a spokeswoman at the Government Offices confirmed that they had had problems, but for security reasons couldn’t make any further comment,  says the story.

“The site hasn’t been down all day but it has been down sporadically,” she stated.

Today, when you  go to The Pirate Bay, you get:

This website is offline. No cached version is available.

That’s because “The raid on PRQ  “disabled many of our torrent sites,” says Anonymous on Cyber Guerrilla.,

“We see this as a crime against freedom to information and there for we have disabled some of swedish governments or affiliate sites in protest against this raid,” says the post .

“The Pirate Bay thepiratebay.se is down because of a raid by Swedish police.”

However, “Pirate bay is down due to power failure,” says an unattributed story on the Wikipedia, going on:

“Part of PRQ’s business model is to host any customers regardless of how odd or controversial they may be.

“According to The New York Times, ‘The Pirate Bay guys have made a sport out of taunting all forms of authority, including the Swedish police, and PRQ has gone out of its way to be a host to sites that other companies would not touch.

‘The PRQ service has been described as ‘highly secure, no-questions-asked hosting services’. The company is reported to hold almost no information about its clientele and is maintaining few if any of its own logs.

‘Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm are said to have amassed ‘considerable expertise in withstanding legal attacks’. Svartholm is quoted to have said ‘We do employ our own legal staff. We are used to this sort of situation’ in a telephone interview.

“Due to hosting The Pirate Bay, PRQ was target of a police raid.

Not only but also,  “The co-founders have been criticized for hosting controversial websites, including web pages that promote paedophilia such as the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), a paedophile and pederasty advocacy organization.

“Local authorities and anti-paedophilia activists in Sweden have failed to persuade PRQ to close the sites.The pair defended their decision, citing freedom of speech.

Other criticism originates from PRQ’s hosting of the BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks,and the French far-right blog Fdesouche.

Meanwhile,  “Let’s start attack on Swedish Sites!  says the Anonymous post on Cyber Guerrilla.