#OpNoCleanIT — stop mass EU surveillance

On the face of it,  the objective of  the EU’s clean IT project  might seem laudable. Under reducing the impact of the terrorist use of the Internet, it says >>>

The Internet plays a positive role in our lives and societies, but the Internet is also used for illegal purposes. It is used for many forms of cybercrime, including attacks on critical infrastructures. The Internet is also used for terrorist purposes. The prevention of illegal activities, also when committed with help of the Internet, is of common interest to governments, security authorities, the Internet sector and Internet users.

 And under partners and participants it lists:

Governments/Ministries that joined the project:

“These persons or organizations attended Clean IT events and/or exchanged views to contribute to the project,”  it says,  emphasizing.  “This does not implicate any commitment to temporary or future results by the individuals or their organization”.

But,  “the list is not complete, will be updated regularly, and only includes the names of those who made public their attendance or explicitly allowed us to mention their names,”  says  the website.

It was enough to set alarm bells ringing loudly with Anonymous.

Now, Announcing Anonymous Operation #OpNoCleanIT: Speak up against The Clean IT Project! >>>

The Clean IT Project is another attempt to impose censorship on our home, the Internet. This is a proposal to define an Internet censorship and mass surveillance framework for the European Union, funded by the European Commission, says a post in Cyber Guerrilla, going on >>>

The project’s declared goal is to suppress cyber-terrorism. They claim, they do not aim to restrict Internet freedom, but they do have security concerns and want to limit the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes. But only naives believe that. Governments would define cyber-terrorism as they would like to in order to suppress any online protests against them.

The Clean IT Project attacks two very important principles of the Internet: Internet anonimity and Internet neutrality. Without these aspects, the Internet would cease to be a free place anymore. The police would watch all the steps you take on the Internet,  says a post  in Cyber Guerrilla. You would be obligated to use your real name on blogs and social networking sites. They would monitor your private messages. They would completely destroy your privacy on the Internet.

Clean IT Project: hear our message! We created and inhabitated the Internet and set its rules. Governments are not welcome to take it away and regulate it! We did not invite you! We do not want you there! It is OUR home! Everyone is welcome until they show respect. Those who do not respect the freedom of the Internet, have no moral right to stay there.

Please note, our opposition against The Clean IT Project does not mean that we support cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying, phishing, and malicious uses of the Internet. In several cases, we acted as vigilantes against unethical cyber-criminals. But we are certain, restricting our freedom of speech is not the right way to fight against terrorism!

We are Anonymous! We are Legion! We are million voices! We do not forgive! We do not forget!

As it seems, you did not learn from the controversies of SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. Therefore, we decided to tell you our points as many times as we think it’s enough for you to understand. Please check out your mailboxes at cleanitproject.eu for our highly educative messages! You should know, we are ready to stand up for the freedom of the Internet any time, and circumvent all kinds of surveillance and restriction you try to impose, as we always did. You cannot enchain us in the world where we are the natives. We are ready to take further actions, if we find necessary.

We are Anonymous! We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!

And stay tuned

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